Survivalcraft Wiki Rules

First, it must be noted that according to the Wikia site Terms of Use, no person under the age of 13 may access the site, with or without parental or legal guardian's permission. Furthermore, any person under the age of 18 must have such permission. 

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As many of you already know, many of the pages that appear on this Wiki have recently been re-done, and the categories have been re-organized. In order to keep this Wiki going as smoothly as possible, there are some rules and regulations that everyone needs to follow. This will keep this Wiki organized and a positive environment. So we thank everyone who is taking the time to read this before you contribute.

Please note that any edit may be undone or changed and any page may be deleted or rewritten by the administrators.

All general wiki rules apply to this particular wiki as well. Primarily, you must not upload copyrighted information. If you do not follow these rules, you may be banned from editing on this wiki.


No cursing or vulgar language in comments, pages, user's pages, etc. Offensive, insulting or abusive language will NOT be tolerated. Please report any inappropriate behavior to an administrator.

Using substitutes for curse words is also vulgar and will not be tolerated. You cannot use " *** ", or "S&^%&" as substitutes for vulgar words either.

  1. When creating a new page, please respect general visual organisation of other already present pages, which includes the use of generic titles as "Description" etc. Always use the Preview option before publishing to be sure everything's in order.
  2. Before creating a new page, please be sure to check and make sure there is not already a page on that particular subject and get permission from Chart, Stanimus, Plant Champ*, or Aylin, Colby
  3. When creating a new page, please don't forget to add the categories it belongs to. This helps users find similar pages.
  4. When editing a page, please don't forget to fill the Edit Summary field at the top right corner of the edit page. It permits other contributors to understand your edit and why you've done it.
  5. Do not remove any pages content without admin permission or a valid reason. ( A valid reason being incorrect info., outdated material, etc. ) If you are unsure about removing content, contact an admin. Better to be safe than sorry.
  6. Try to avoid grammar and misspelling errors. This goes for the Wiki pages and the Chat as well. It can make pages and comments confusing and hard for other users to follow.
  7. Spam will NOT be tolerated. Please note that Minecraft pics, useless info, useless comments, etc. all count as spam.
  8. Do not create any new categories without admin permission. This will help to eliminate chaos and confusion when trying to find similar pages. As you begin to type a category in the box, a list will pop up showing the known categories. If the one you want is not on this list, DO NOT enter it - notify an admin and they will decide if it's appropriate. [See below for a list of categories you may use.]
  9. Do not modify another user's profile page. This is considered severe vandalism and is cause for immediate disciplinary action. You will be banned for hacking someone else's profile. You may add to their message board or respond to a blog post, but never change their profile. If you see something offensive on it, please notify an administrator.
  10. The forum is to be kept organized. See THIS article if you have not already. Any failures to comply will be warned/blocked.  
  11. Please do not use any pages' comments section to ask for "wanted features". This will be considered spam and may get you warned/banned. The comments section is intended for questions about the page or additional info we may have missed. The best place to post your wants is on the official forum, or add to the local forum. This wiki is NOT run by the game designer. We cannot make changes to the game. If you truly want something in the game changed, see Kaalus' blog.
  12. Avoid addressing other users personally on any article page. The wiki is for information suitable for ALL users. Any personal attack, insult or intimidation, etc. is grounds for an immediate block without warning. 
  13. Each active user may be held responsible for the comments on their own message board, even comments left by other users. If you don't want to allow more comments, you can close the thread with the drop-down menu under MORE. 
  14. Any discriminatory behaviour, racial or religious insult will get you immediately blocked. Any other insult addressed to a single user or group of people is also not tolerated.

When adding infoboxes, please follow those guidelines as well.

When filling in the infoboxes, see the documentation for that particular type. There is a link at the bottom of each infobox that links to this documentation.

* Note: These users are not admins, but can decide if the page you propose belongs as an actual page, blog post, forum post, etc.


The categories used by the recipaedia are reserved for the items included under that category ONLY. If you believe a page should be included under one of these categories, please contact an administrator for a final decision. These categories are indicated below with a ^.

  1. Animals
  2. Blocks
  3. Circuits
  4. Clothing ^
  5. Concepts
  6. Content
  7. Electrics ^
  8. Food ^
  9. Gamesystem
  10. Habitat
  11. Items ^
  12. Misc Electrics
  13. Natural
  14. Options and Seeds
  15. Plants ^
  16. Polls
  17. Resources ^
  18. Terrain ^
  19. Tips and Guides
  20. Tools ^
  21. Unreleased Items
  22. Weapons ^
  23. Off Topic

All pages not following these rules will be re-made or deleted. Users not following theses rules or are treating others with disrespect will be banned/warned by ChartreuseNarwhal, Stanimus, Aylinerik or Colbyadamfranknorth. So it is very important that EVERYONE follows these rules. 

Another Thanks From Your Admins,

~ChartreuseNarwhal, Stanimus, Colbyadamfranknorth and Aylinerik

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