This article talks about uploading, downloading and saving your world file, furniture pack skins or texture pack. It also describes using the Community Content.

Note that any uploading or downloading via the internet assumes that your device is already logged into the internet either internally (in case of a phone) or via wifi. Using the dropbox also requires that you have an account there and are already logged into it through the game. You will have to create an account there, if you don't already have one.

This article covers all file types. All content (furniture and texture packs and character skins) are treated differently than world files.

Saving your worlds

Each world you play in is stored inside the game itself. If you uninstall the game, all those worlds will be lost as well as all furniture and texture packs and character skins you have loaded in the game. If you want to save them, they must be 'uploaded' from the game first. You can save the world file to two places, either your memory card or a Dropbox account. (Unfortunately dropbox is the only online storage available through the game.) 

Some game platforms do not allow saving to an external SD (iOS). You can only backup to dropbox, in this case.

Upload to SD

Start in the Main Screen and tap SINGLE PLAYER to show the list of your worlds (EXISTING WORLDS screen). 

Highlight the world you want to upload. Do not start playing the world. 

Tap the more button (...) to get the MODIFY WORLD screen. 


You will see a panel with "SD Card" and "Dropbox" buttons. Tap the SD Card button. The game will show a panel telling you it's compressing the world. When it's done, you will see the MODIFY WORLD screen again. 

Tap the "return arrow" in the top left corner to go back to the world chooser screen. 

Upload to Dropbox

Before you can use the Dropbox system, you must have an account and be logged in through the Survivalcraft app. The rest of this article assumes you have a dropbox account and have logged into it at least once with your device, through either the dropbox app or your internet browser. 

The first time you try to upload to dropbox the game will ask for your sign-in information. It will then try to log in to dropbox and you will get a notice that it wants to create a folder for itself. Tap on OK. After this point, you should not have to enter the sign-in information again. 

Now you can upload using the same steps as uploading to SD Card. When the panel shows up to choose either SD Card or Dropbox, tap on Dropbox. The game will compress the world, sign into dropbox and upload the world to its proper folder automatically. 

If there is any problem, the game will let you know. The most common problem is no internet connection. 

Saving Content

Game 'content' such as texture packs and character skins are stored inside the game itself not in the individual worlds. However, furniture packs are created in-world and must be directly saved to 'Content' before they can be uploaded.

Furniture to Content

Furniture packs are saved to content from the world they were created in. See the Furniture page for directions. Once they are in the game with the other content, follow the directions below.

Upload to SD


Downloading Worlds 

You can download your saved worlds from the SD Card or Dropbox. Only the worlds put there can be downloaded. Getting files from the Community Content is discussed below. 

Downloading from SD Card

Start in the Main Screen and tap GET CONTENT. This show a panel that lets up choose either SD or Dropbox. 

Tap From SD. This will display a file chooser window. If you are looking for a world that you uploaded to SD before, it will be in this list so you just have to scroll down to find it. 

Select the world you want and tap DOWNLOAD. The game will unzip and import the new world. It will now be available in the EXISTING WORLDS list.

Tap the return arrow in the upper left corner until the Main Screen shows again. 

Note: The game stores its files in the folder called "Survivalcraft", on the internal SD Card. This is the folder that shows up in the file chooser. You can add folders inside this one to help organize your worlds. The folders will show up in the chooser and you can open them to see and select what's inside. 

Download from Dropbox

You must have an account with dropbox and be logged in inside the game before you can download from dropbox.

You can download using the same steps as downloading to SD Card. When the panel shows up to choose either SD Card or Dropbox, tap on Dropbox. The game will sign into dropbox, download the world, and import it into the game automatically.

If there is any problem, the game will let you know. The most common problem is no internet connection.

Download through link

You can download from anywhere other than dropbox by using a direct link. This lets you find links from this wiki, the official forum or elsewhere and load them into the game. You don't need a dropbox account and you don't need to access the Community Content, this way.

First, you need to copy the link into your device's clipboard. When you find the link, select it and make sure the entire link is highlighted and nothing more. Choose 'copy' to place it in the clipboard. How you do this depends on your system.

Once it's copied, go into the game.

From the main screen tap GET CONTENT.

Then tap FROM LINK. This will open a panel where you can enter the link.

Enter link

Tap the top line and paste the clipboard contents there. How you do this depends on your system. Typically you would tap/hold and a balloon will pop up which says 'PASTE'.

Look over the link to make sure it's correct. If there's any error the game cannot download it and it will notify you. Some links can have a modifier at the end, telling the site how to process the request and you might have to change this. In specific, dropbox uses "dl=0" and "dl=1". To have the link download properly it must be "dl=1". This tells droobox that you want to download the file without looking at it first. If the link you pasted has "dl=0" you must change it to "dl=1" before the game can download it.

You should not need to add anything in the 'NAME' entry but you must make sure the content type is correct. Tap the [...] button and a list will pop up. Select the correct type - world/skin/texture and you are ready to download it.

Tap DOWNLOAD and the game will start downloading the file. When it's done, simply back out from the screen to the main screen. The world, skin or texture will be ready for use.

Uploading to Community Content

When you 'publish' to the Community Content (CC), you are not uploading or publishing the world itself. Only the link to that world is published. This means the world must already be uploaded AND that you have access to the link. You can publish links to any storage site, not just Dropbox.

-Before publishing the link it should be put into the 'clipboard memory' of your device. There are several ways to do this but the most common one is through the game.

  1. Starting at the main window, go to "GET CONTENT"
  2. Select "PRIVATE"
  3. Tap (...) and select "DROPBOX"
  4. Highlight the world you want to share
  5. Tap "COPY LINK" - the link will now be copied into the clipboard.
  6. Tap "OK", then "<" to bring you to the Choose Content Type window.

(Now the link is copied into the clipboard and you are ready to upload it to CC.)

  1. Tap "COMMUNITY" and you will see the "Community Content" screen.
  2. Tap (...) and a window will pop up, labeled Community Content. Here you can change the active user if you have multiple users on the device.
  3. Tap "PUBLISH LINK" to get the Publish Link window. There are two text fields and several buttons here.
  4. Tap the 'LINK' field to bring up the text entry.
  5. Paste the link from the clipboard into this field, using whatever method your system has. This is usually a tap-hold in the field and then tap 'paste'. Then tap 'OK'. The link will be uploaded to the server and you will see a window that says "Link Published Successfully" if all goes well.
  6. Tap "OK" and you will be returned to the "Community Content" window.
  7. Tap "CLOSE" to return to the "Community Content" screen.
  8. Make sure the other information in this window is correct. Select whether you are publishing a texture/skin/world using the (...) button. The uploader cannot always tell the type of file you are uploading. Change the name of the file if you wish by using the other text field.
  9. Tap "PUBLISH" and the link will be ready for publication to the Community Content! It will need to be 'moderated' first. I.e., someone will review it to make sure it doesn't violate community standards.

Backing up Skins and Textures 

Skins and textures are different than worlds to backup. They are directly imported into the game and are then applied to the worlds you want. You cannot simply chose to upload a skin or texture inside the built-in uploader. 

The skins and textures CAN be saved outside a world but this is more complicated.

A single world CAN have more than one texture or skin saved inside it but again, this is more complicated.

The easiest way to backup a skin or texture is to create a new world just for it. The texture or skin must already be available in the game.

  1. Create a new world - any type is ok since you're not actually planning on playing this world.
  2. When creating it, select 'options', then open the dialog to choose a custom texture (or skin).
  3. Scroll through the list and choose the texture you want to save. This will add that texture to the new world file.
  4. You can immediately save the world without even opening it up to play. It's a good idea to change the world's name to show which texture you are saving in it. Save the world as described above.

You only need to save textures or skins if you are worried about losing the game itself. When updating the game, they are automatically transferred to the new version, but it's not a bad idea to save them and your active worlds in case something goes terribly wrong.

Loading saved textures and skins (worlds)

Remember that skins and textures are saved internal to the worlds you saved earlier. Those worlds must be installed into the game before other worlds can use the texture or skin.

In order to add them to the game, all you need to do is load the worlds that they are saved in. The game will add their texture and skin into the game. You can then delete the worlds and the game will still have the textures and skins.

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