In Survival Craft, some items are throwable.

To throw, simply press and hold the main screen with an item in your hand, and a reticule (like a gun-sight) will appear so you can aim your throw. Remember, gravity affects thrown objects and you may have to aim above your target to hit it, depending on how far away it is. Around 25 blocks is the maximum distance an item can be thrown.

Throwable items

Note: All items below can be used as weapons of some kind.

  • Gunpowder (Will explode with contact of fire, magma, or another explosion)
  • Snowball (Will disintegrate when it hits a surface)
  • Spawner Egg (Will spawn an animal when hitting a surface in creative mode)
  • Eggs (Has 1/3 chance of spawning bird) 
  • Bombs (Will explode about 5 seconds after being thrown. Will also explode with contact with fire, magma, or another explosion)


In the reference file from Kaalus, these are called "aimable". Also included in this category are the Bow, Crossbow and Musket. They are aimable but instead of throwing the weapon, it throws their respective ammo.