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SurvivalCraft is a block terrain game where you are marooned on a deserted island and must survive on your own. Every minute is a life or death challenge. The terrain is infinite, so there is no escape. You must learn to survive for as long as you can. You'll have to find food, make your own clothing and build a safe shelter; all while avoiding being eaten by lions, tigers or bears, and so much more!

Survival Craft has 5 main play modes:

  • Harmless  - You don't have to eat or sleep, fall damage is reduced and the animals won't attack unless you hit them first. Otherwise, it is essentially the same as Challenging Mode:
  • Challenging - You can die (easily) but can respawn (without your clothing or anything you were carrying). This is the most common game-play mode. All the challenges of survival are active but you get another chance when you die.
  • Cruel - You only get one chance to stay alive. Once you die, the world is lost.
  • Adventure - This is a world usually created by someone else and will usually have quests or missions. If you die, you must restart the world from the beginning, or may respawn if it's allowed. In adventure mode you cannot break block with your bare hands - you must have the proper tool. This can make it the most difficult mode of all.
  • Creative -  You can fly, you don't have to dress, eat or sleep and you cannot be killed. Almost all blocks are freely available and easily broken.

Not just another 'sandbox' game - SurvivalCraft is about - SURVIVAL !

The rules of nature reign supreme in this game. Eat and avoid being eaten. If the wild animals don't get you, the freezing cold will. If the cold doesn't, starvation could. You still have to sleep too, or you just might pass out while running away from an angry rhino. If you're clever enough to make it through the first day, you still need a safe shelter for the dangerous night! All the meat eaters in your area can smell you when they hunt at night. If you have a good shelter, you just might be able to make it through the night but then you may have to fight your way back out in the morning! All those hungry beasts could be waiting just outside your door. They like the new smell - YOU!

If you do manage to make a safe and secure shelter you can scout and mine for materials to craft weapons, tools and armor. Build a stronger shelter from stone blocks. Set simple or complex traps for the beasts. Grow your own crops. Domesticate horses, zebras or ostriches. Build a farm or a ranch and expand your territory.

Just remember, one mistake and the tigers and wolves could ruin everything. It's not an easy life in SurvivalCraft - it's SURVIVAL!


We have many pages on animals, food, clothing, electrics, resources, items, and other blocks. We try hard to keep our information up-to-date to help your game experience be that much better.

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Pages to help First Time Players

  • Onscreen Buttons - tells you how to use the buttons and menus you see while playing the game. 
  • World Options - helps you to make the type of world you want.
  • Game Settings - shows how to find and change the options and setting for the game. 
  • Recipaedia - tells you how to find the "recipe book" for all items and blocks you can make in the game. 
  • Smelting - learn how to cook food and make the ingredients you need for crafting.
  • Crafting - learn how to use the crafting system to make the items that will help you survive.
  • Beginner's Guide - helps the new player learn the game and survive your first days in the world.
  • Body Temperature - learn about getting cold and wet and how to avoid it.
  • Clothing - learn how to make clothing and armor you will need to survive.
  • Tips - advice from players to help make playing Survival Craft a bit easier. Not all of these are for first timers, though!
  • Top 5 Things to Have at All Times - Tips for what to bring on your journeys.

General pages and links

Pages for the Advanced Player

  • Electricity - all electrics-related pages are categorized under this topic, including advanced circuits.
  • Houses - a few examples of houses provided by users.
  • Heat Your House - keep your house warm without a fire in every room.
  • Farming - once you have settled in, you can make a farm - for food or fun!
  • Cattle Farming - want to try your hand at ranching? Check this page out. 

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