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H20 Park

Survivalcraft H2O rides side veiw
Survivalcraft H2O rides sky fall
Survivalcraft H2O rides

This is an adventure map where the player has to fight through a series of watery traps.

Version on which map was built:1.27(It doesn't matter as no change to water between 1.27 and 2.1)

Mode: Adventure

Link(for 1.27 and below):

Link(for SC2):

Please add your experiences, tips and any bugs on my wall


Survivalcraft training into
Survivalcraft training side veiw
Survivalcraft Training

This map was built for practicing to win against other maps. The player can experience a variety of traps and puzzles commonly seen in adventure maps and some new ideas for their maps.

Version on which it was built:2.1

Mode: Adventure


Please add your experiences, tips and any bugs on my wall

Terrain Changer

Survivalcraft terrain changer
Survivalcraft terrain changer ice form

Have you ever wished to have a changeable courtyard. Then see this world. You can change your courtyard to 8 different terrains from sand to ice and soil to basalt.

Version on which it was built:2.1

Mode: Creative

Link(Easy controls):

Link(Easy circuit):

Please add your experiences, tips and any bugs on my wall

Metro Train

I have made an easy, working, and wonderful metro train. I have left it simple for others to easily understand it.

Version on which it was built:2.1

Mode: Creative


Please add your experiences, tips and any bugs on my wall

Long way

This is my first map. build in 1.26. Just try it. It is hard I bet

Mode: Adventure


Please add your experiences, tips and any bugs on my wall

Small survival home

A map created by about a small survival home set out with all of the things you need. This is the link:

Guff Links Golf Course

Hole 6. A fairway view of hole 6 on a rainy day, par 4. Hole 3. A tee box view over looking hole 3s, par 3 green. Hole 15. A majestic view from the tee box of hole 15, par 3. Hole 18. A beautiful view of hole 18, par 5s green from the stands. Hole 9. A nice view of hole 9, par 5 from the club house. Hole 10. Over looking hole 10s, par 4 from the stands.

By: Isaiah Oliver

Written on February 15th, 2017. Made and published in creative mode.

Download Link: ☀

I've created an 18 hole beautiful golf course. This course is a par 71 with a fun and challenging layout. I've created multiple teeboxes to provide an easier or harder challenge for the rookie or veteran player. The course has a St. Andrews feel, from its tall weeds, to its deep bunkers. When using the bow (club) and arrow (ball), getting your distance control right takes a while to perfect. Getting the putting right takes a while to perfect also. Once you perfect your distance, the course becomes easier, and your scores will get better. With all that said, have fun playing Guff Links golf course!

This map was created in version 1.29.

Sunny City v100

  1. Version 100 of Sunny City. Not accurate. Share it!

Adding City v136 Map: Murat Can Gümüş

Version 136 of Adding City. Not accurate. Share it!


Version 2.1 of Rothtairod. This version is not the latest. To download 2.3.1 or later versions of Rothtairod, please click the Blog link below (the left of dropbox 1).Share it!

Blog   Dropbox 1     Dropbox 2

Apple Tree Bay 2.1

Just like skyblock you can survive here. It has so many things like treasures, horses, trees, fields, etc. It is an inspiration from a national park in New Zealand full of trees.

UPDATE: I recently finished 2.0 version! You can download bellow:

UPDATE 2: I discovered bugs and complications so i made a 2.1 version with stone chunks, tall spruces, falling trees, stack empty buckets (causing to add more buckets), start world with dawn instead of noon and bug fixes

UPDATE 3: Version 1.0 will be deleted from the server because i made a similar version named Apple Tree Bay Demo and it will be downloadable from the Community Content [EDIT] The demo version has been succesfully published to the Community Content. That means that version 1.0 it's now extinct.

Version 2.1: download

Version 2.0: download

Report any bugs to me in my wall :)

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