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Magma is a block in Survivalcraft that is unobtainable. Despite being able to transport and obtain into buckets, it is not the original block. Magma is really risky when going underground. Magma spawns in pools of granite or basalt but more commonly basalt. It is a really bad idea to pour magma in your house as it can kill you in almost 3 seconds. It will also destroy a lot of your items.


  • Before the Alpha 1.11 update, magma did not make fire due to fire not existing in game.
  • Magma was added in the 1.8 update along with buckets (to put it in)
  • You can Lose air in Magma. Although it's almost invisible to see without creative mode due to how fast magma can kill you.
  • Stepping on magma causes an almost instant kill, making it as a "kill brick" for obstacle course maps.
  • You can make a "Shredder", a fast way of destroying blocks, with magma.
  • It is not advisable to dig straight way up or down as it may lead you to magma pools and die.

When magma hits water it turns to stone. Note the granite and basalt underneath the magma as it flows in the water.


1.8- Added Magma.

1.11- Magma is now fluid instead of solid.

1.15- Magma can now be customized through texture packs. Magma is now animated.

1.26- Magma can overheat the player.

1.27- Added sound effects to Magma.

1.29- Added sizzling sound effects near Magma. Added larger Magma pools underground.