Creative Mode allows you to build freely without having to find resources. You cannot be harmed by animals or any other way. You have an infinite supply of all items and all blocks can be mined infinitely fast. You can fly.

Adventure or exploration maps are typically made in creative mode and then saved in Adventure Mode or Challenging Mode.

Gameplay Features

Inventory Screen 

The creative inventory screen was redesigned in version 1.27. It is now organized according to the categories in the recipaedia. See the image below.

Creative Inventory Screen1

      At the bottom there are two sets of buttons. The arrows on the left let you browse through the categories and the ones on the right let you page through the screens of blocks within that category. 

In Survivalcraft 2, the inventory once again was changed. See image below. 


 This time, there is a category selector in the top center. To select a category, simply click on the name of the current category and it will drop down a menu. You can scroll from there. The two horizontally facing arrows can allow you to move through the categories one at a time, while the vertical arrows will let you scroll through the rest of the current category if it is possible.


To fly, tap the button on the right, that looks like a man in a cape. It will be highlighted when fly mode is on. You fly with a speed of 8 blocks per second. 

You can also double tap the MOVE or LOOK buttons to turn flying on or off. 

Flying is a little different depending on whether you are using the MOVE pad or the buttons. The character flies in the direction she is facing when moving forward, in either case. To fly upward, simply face up and fly forward. Or look down and fly backward.

The pad gives you more control over your flight because you can fly at any angle. The buttons let you fly forward, backward and straight left/right only. But if you are using the buttons, pressing left or right will make the character fly sidewise without going up or down. This can be useful while building.


  • See World Options to learn how to change the game mode.
  • You CAN die in creative mode in a few ways:
    • If you fly too high you will run out of air.
    • If you are buried, you will also run out of air.
    • You can be crushed in physical traps, such as one using Spiked Planks.
    • If you manage to 'glitch' through the bedrock layer, you will die if you go too far below it.
    • Of course, you can still commit suicide.