Clothing is a new SurvivalCraft feature that was added in version 1.26.[1][2] It is essential since version 1.26, as you cannot survive the cold without it. When you first start a new world, you will have tattered clothes, salmon socks and leather sandals. After a respawn, however, you will only be wearing boxers.

Description (from Help)

Wearing clothing provides warmth in cold climates and armor protection during combat. You can access clothing interface by using clothing button.

There are 4 clothing slots on your body: Head, Torso, Legs and Feet. Each slot can have multiple clothing items, layered one on top of each other. The effects of multiple clothing items combine.

Not everything can be worn on top of anything else, for example you will not be able to wear a T-shirt on top of a fur coat.

Wearing thick clothes in one slot while leaving another slot bare will not afford much warmth. It's imperative to cover entire body to really benefit from clothing. It's the thinnest piece of clothing that determines how much heat you lose.



Lightweight clothing is crafted from cotton. You will have to grow cotton plants before you can craft these clothes.

Heavier clothes are made from fur and leather. These materials are 'dropped' from different animals when you kill them. See those pages to learn which animals drop them.

Armor can be made from sticks and string, or from iron or copper and may even be coated with diamond.

Each piece of clothing has its own page on this wiki as listed below. See those pages for recipes for the different pieces of clothing. Also see the armor page. 

NOTE: The old shirt, pants and hat are not craftable.

Dyeing Clothes

To dye clothes, you take a paint bucket of your choice and put it and the desired piece of clothing, into a furnace.

See the painting page to learn how to make paint buckets.

See the smelting page to learn about using the furnace.

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To apply clothing, open the person interface with the body button on the left of the screen. Then drag the clothing from your inventory and drop it on the body image. If the piece is not put on, you are probably wearing something in that slot already and have to take that off first. 

Clothing can help protect your your character from cold and attacks or may simply for cosmetic reasons. 

Layering Clothes 

Some types of clothing can be worn over others. Any insulation values will add up in each slot. 

There are five layers in the body slot. You can wear a tank top/t-shirt, a shirt, a leather jerkin/sweater, a chain mail and a fur coat. 

There are three layers in the legs slot. You can wear long johns/boxers, pants and any leggings.

There are two layers in the feet slot. You can wear socks and some type of footwear.

There is only one layer in the head slot. 

Clothing List

Old Clothes

NOTE: Old Clothes cannot be crafted.

Cotton Clothes

Leather Clothes

Fur Clothes


  • You can get a 6.49 insulation by wearing the following:
fur hat / t-shirt, shirt, sweater, fur coat / long johns, pants, fur leggings / socks, cavalry boots
  • Getting wet affects your body and ALL clothes in your possesion. If you get wet, you cannot simply change clothes to get dry.
  • Clothes will wear out over time. Getting clothes wet makes them wear out twice as fast.
  • Remember that all clothing will be damaged when you are engaged in battle, or take a fall. Even cotton will provide a little protection from animal bites but will get damaged easily.
  • Wearing heavy clothes and/or armor slows you down. However, diamond armor doesn't slow you down, and leather boots make you run faster.
  • Wearing heavy clothes or armor will make you sink in water.
  • Should you get wet, dry your clothes off near a fire or build a quick campfire using 4 sticks.
  • Having clothes in your hand and attacking or mining will make them wear out EXTREMELY easily.


Clothing update history
1.26- Clothing was added
1.27- Added new clothes like socks, long johns, cavalry boots, and cowboy hats. Dyed clothing is also available in the creative inventory.
1.29- Added old tanktop; Clothes can now be undyed with a paint stripper bucket.


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