Challenging is the normal survival mode. There is danger, but you will be able to respawn at your last sleep position when you die. If you haven't slept yet, you will spawn at the original drop-off point. It is the second hardest gamemode.

Gameplay Features

  • Finite supply of blocks, items, etc. They must be gathered from the environment or crafted.
  • Character can be hurt or killed by catching fire or freezing. See the Health and Damage System page.
  • Animals are provoked more easily than in Harmless mode. Simply touching a hostile animal will cause them to attack you.
  • Animals cannot be easily set afire with Matches.
  • Sleep is necessary every 2 days. Without it, you may faint - usually when in a dangerous situation.
  • Tools and Weapons wear down and eventually break.
  • No animal spawn eggs [aside from birds] are avaliable.
  • Eating is necessary for survival. See for more info.


  • You are unable to edit terrain generation , enviroment behavior, etc. while it is set to Challenging Mode. You can still get around this by creating the desired world in Creative Gamemode and changing it into challenging mode AFTER the world has been generated.
    • Berore 2.0, it wasn't possible to change temperature and humidity in non-creative modes.

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