This category groups all electrics entities that are in essence, integrated circuits or 'chips'.


  • Some chips put their output through the back of the chip as well as its normal side. All the basic logic gates have this capability. Some care must be exercised when using this feature. This is in effect a second output rather than an extension of the primary output. If another device is connected to the normal output of the chip, that device is NOT connected to the back-side output.

This feature can even be used in place of an additional gate in certain designs. Survivalcraft allows several drivers to be connected together simultaneously and there is an implicit 'OR' between all of them. There are times where it is desired that an output from one chip be fed into one circuit with such an 'OR' situation in addition to another circuit that cannot be influenced by the other outputs. The dual output nature of the chips could be used to make this possible without using a separate gate to isolate the two circuits.

Likewise, the feature may be a hindrance on some circuit layouts and effectively make the design larger that it could be otherwise.

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