General Attributes:
Is Stackable No
Is Flammable Yes
Sleep Suitability 0
Is Fluid Blocker No
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Hack mini

Description (From Recipaedia)

The boat allows you to cross large areas of water safely and quickly.


It takes 5 planks to craft one boat.

Craft a boat.1

Using it

The boat is one item you should be very careful with when it's in your hotbar. This is because once it's placed, you cannot pick it up again.

  • To place the boat, move it into the hotbar. When you are ready to place the boat, just select it and tap on the spot you want the boat.
  • Movement of the boat is similar to riding a horse. Use the MOVE pad and swipe upwards and keep pressing. The boat will move forward. Move your finger to one side and the boat will turn. Move it back to center to go straight.
  • You can run the boat aground to keep it from floating away. However, animals may knock it back into the water, or even push it farther onto land.
    • Be careful when the boat is on ground because you have to be able to get 'behind' it, to push it back into the water. You could push it into a corner and have to break blocks in order to get 'behind' it.


  • You can avoid sharks or piranhas damaging your boat or killing you. When they are near, simply  dismount the boat (tap the horse icon). You will now be standing ON the boat instead of IN it. The animals will believe the boat is empty and that you are now on land. Wait until they clear the area and then mount the boat and continue on your way!   (Thanks to mrshots, on the forum for this tip) As of version 1.26, animals may attack the block you are standing on, in this case The boat. However the boat is also stronger.
  • It is a good idea to carry an extra boat. If you fall in the water with armor on, you can place the boat under you and it will lift you to the surface.
  • Boats are the only means of transportation on water
  • Boats were added in 1.22
  • Boats are unique in block type as they are solid but can still be moved.
  • Like magnets and creatures, the player can only place so many boats in the world and this message will appear.

The message saying Too Many Boats

  • Boats can take damage like animals and the player. If damaged enough (about 28 hits), the boat will begin to "leek" and will start to slow down a lot. Should the boat continue to receive more damage, it will fail to move and slowly sink into the water, leaving the player wet and unprotected to the water predators.
  • Beginning in V2.0, boats have 50% more strength.
  • Beginning in V2.0,the character may spawn in a boat.
  • One player claims the boat will sink when it has taken 53 damage points yet another claims it is 63. The actual value has yet to be conclusively determined.
  • Be careful when debarking a boat. If you are not standing still, you could stand up in the water instead of staying in the boat. Since version 2.1, the boat tends to be unstable when debarking it. It may jump away as you debark and dump you in the water. It's now advisable to be moving the character backward onto land when you hit the mount button.